WordPress Image Tooltips Demo

Hi, Friends, This is an wordpress image tooltip demo page. We will show you how to use our wordpress tooltips pro plugin to add a image tooltip quickly, it is very easy. 🙂

Image tooltips demo:

Please view this image tooltip -> This is a image tooltip demo, you can see in front end, when your users' mouse move over the tooltips, the real estate tooltips which include image and price,description will shown instantly.

In back end, it is very easy to add a new image tooltip for your products or keyword, What you need to do is just
a: log in your wordpress admin panel:
b: input your keyword in keyword input text box.
c: add a image tooltips by filled your text descriptions and use html tag < img src='https://yourdomain.com/yourpath/yourimage' /> in content input box.

Everything will be okay now, please open your page in your browser, move your mouse over the tooltip, the image tooltips will works well. 🙂

Have fun!
wordpress tooltips plugin team

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