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Here, my dear, This is an wordpress audio tooltip demo page. We will show you how to use our wordpress tooltips pro plugin to add a audio tooltip quickly!

Audio/song/music tooltips demo:
Please view this audio tooltip -> This is an audio demo, you can see in front end, when your users' mouse move over the tooltips, a audio will shown instantly, in our current page, it is a song, yes you can play any music/song in tooltips box, for example, I used a song from the most famous audio distribution platform soundcloud as our tooltip, this feature is very useful, for example, if you hope teach your son what is

In back end, it is very easy to add a new video tooltip, You can just copy embed video code from any video hosting like youtube, vimeo,garagetv.be,kaltura,56.com,BlogTV, RuTube, Yahoo! Video, amazon s3..., or maybe flash file in your blog. What you need to do is just
a: log in your wordpress admin panel:
b: input your keyword in keyword input text box.
c: paste your embed video code in content input box.

Everything will be okay now, please open your page in your browser, move your mouse over the tooltip, the video will be played in a tooltip box. If you hope add flash file in tooltip box, please follow above steps and it will works too.

Have fun!
wordpress tooltips plugin team

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