How to use wordpress tooltip shortcode [tooltips] to add tooltips manually?

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Since wordpress tooltip 4.2.8, based on user requested, we added a new wordpress tooltips shortcode [tooltips].

In general, our tooltips system will add custom tooltips automatically for post's content/title/tag/excerpt/gallery/menu, based on wordpress standard APIs, this will save your time to manage tooltips, for example, when you want to change tooltips content details, you will not need to read all posts to find which page have a specified tooltips and change it one by one manually, all things you need to do is just edit your tooltips in wordpress standard WYSWYG editor and tooltips content in all posts will be updated automatically.

Some amazing users requested that they want to add some tooltips which is not in post content, now we are happy to report you that you can use wordpress tooltips shortcode [tooltips] to add tooltips which is not in content of post, or not in wordpress database. 🙂

The wordpress tooltip shortcode [tooltips] is very easy to using:
[tooltips keyword="wordpress" content="Wordpress is great system"]

It looks like this: wordpress

Also you can add image in "content", for example:
[tooltips keyword="My House" content="<img src=''>"]

It looks like this: My House

Also some amazing users told us they want to use our tooltips in other plugins generated element too, for example in tables which generated by table plugin -- tablepress. Now you can insert your tooltips to pages which is generated by plugin, for example, in tablepress plugin, when you insert element to a cell, you can add our tooltip in it and you can show tooltips in this table.

Please note, because there are too many plugins -- nearly 50,000 plugins, they realized in different methods, so we have no way to support "any" plugins or themes, but we are try to support more and more famous plugins, for example woocommerce, tablepress, MaxButtons, Easy Pricing Tables... and so on, we are still adding features to support more famous plugin.

We are happy to add more functionality for the wordpress tooltips shortcode, any feature request is welcome. 🙂

Thanks, have a happy day with your family. 🙂

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