How to install wordpress tooltips plugin?

    • Upload the WordPress Tooltips Pro plugin to your blog
    • Activate it
    • edit keyword and content in tooltips menu
    • Select your style of tooltips

How to use wordpress tooltips pro plugin?

    • Everything is super easy, we are focus on a user friendly system and we are focus on user experience, If you want to add/edit/delete tooltips, please log in admin panel, Under "Tooltips" Menu, You can editor/delete all existed tooltips in "All Tooltips" Sub Menu, also you can add new tooltip in "Add New" sub menu.
    • You can use wordpress standard TinyMCE editor to add text, image, song, video and so on.
    • We will use the title of the post as the keyword of your tooltips, and use the content of the post as the content of your tooltips, for example: If you use "wordpress" as post title, and use "we love wordpress" as the
      post content, when users view your post, if your post have the word "wordpress", our plugin will detect the word and add a tooltip on the word "wordpress", user will find the word "wordpress" with a dotted line under it, and when user mouse over the word "wordpress", the tooltip box will popup and show the tooltip content "we love wordpress".
    • If you want to change the style, please click "Tooltips Style" menu, we have preset stylesheet and beautiful color schemes: White, Blue, Light, Dark, Red, Cream, Green, you can just select one from “tooltips box style” box.
    • Also, You can easily edit terminal styles in customize setting box, just select your width, background, font color… and so on, once click update now button, the style on your front page will be changed.
      Our plugin will detect what you filled in the customize style panel, if you forget input "px" for the width or "#" in your color, our plugin will still works well.
      Or if you like change it in style.css by manual, you can find tooltips.css at tooltips folder.

Does this plugin slowed the site speed?

    • No, we have a quick load speed, everything is CSS and Javascript, no image are used,also we do not use a lot of DOM, our algorithm make everything running quickly.

Cool plugin! Is there an option to expand video to full size?

    • Thanks for the question, the width of our tooltip box will adjust to the video size automatically. We don’t need an option to expand video to full size.

I used the free version, When I add a url to the tooltip content is shows up fine but once the user’s mouse leaves the keyword to click on the link, the tooltip disappears so they can not click on the link… any help would be great… love the plugin

    • Thanks for used our free version, in tooltips pro we support your requirement, we have 9 trigger method in back end: Mouse Over, Double Click, Click, Mouse Leave, Mouse Enter, Mouse Out, Mouse Move, Mouse Up, Mouse Down, if you want the tooltip box not hidden and your clients can click link, you can select “click” option or “Double Click” option, so when users click the link, they will be redirected to your link URL in the new window or in the current page.

What is your policy on refunds?

    • Please review our Terms and Conditions. Without any exception we have a NO REFUND, NO RETURN policy. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This is due to the fact that the software cannot be monitored by us once you download it. Our site allows users download products immediately after payment, In other words, we have no way to know whether you’ve deleted it or not if you request a refund. To avoid fraudulent claims for refund, we have a strict NO REFUND policy. Please make your selections carefully. All sales are final.

Can I upgrade from free version to the pro version directly?

    • Yes, you can upgrade to the pro version directly, all of your existed tooltips in database will be keep and works well in pro version. However, I suggestion you do a full back up first.

I purchased Tooltips Pro, where is the download?

    • After you completed your purchase, You will be redirected to the download link when you logged in our site, sometimes our hosting dreamhost.com not stable, in that case, , after logged in your account, you can find the download link at a sub menu “Download Tooltips Pro” under “Members” Menu.

I used your free version on my site, very great plugin! Works perfect for me. before this plugin I’ve tried a couple and this is the best.The color of the box is perfect but I would like to changes the style of the text in the box. Is this possible?

    • Thanks for use our free version, in tooltips pro version, we have 7 preset stylesheet and beautiful color schemes: White, Blue, Light, Dark, Red, Cream, Green, Also in tooltips pro version, You can customize whole stylesheet in customization panel or in css file easily, you can set any color, opacity, width, show method, hidden method…etc, for your tooltip box.

How could I add a tool tip to an image? Not to a text phrase

    • Thanks for the question, it is very easy, please just add the content of your tooltips as alt text for your image, for example:
       <img src="https://tooltips.org/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" class="wp-smiley">

      it will be shown as a tooltips for your image, please check this smile, when your mouse hover this image, you will see the tooltips -- 🙂

A Customize Settings Sample

    • I'd like copy a sample in here:
      Tooltip Style Box: Customized
      1:If you hope customize your style, please select this option -- "Customized" and please click "Update Now" button, it should look like this:


    • 2: In " Tooltip Box Customize Setting " option panel, please setting options and click "Save Changes" button, it looks like this:


    • ----------------------------
      Tooltip Box Customize Setting Box:
      Tooltip Box Width:350		 Tooltip Box Background: #E5FFFF
      Tooltip Font Color:#000000	 Tooltip Box Postion: topMiddle 
      Tooltip Text Align:Left		 Tooltip Box Padding: 10
      Tooltip Class Name:		 Tooltip Border Radius:	3
      Border Width:	3	          Tooltip Border Color:	blue
      Tooltip Show When: Mouse Over   Tooltip Hidden When:	 Mouse Over

About Stylesheet File Of The Plugin

  • Although we have many default style for our tooltips, also users can customize their style on customized style control panel, but we offered another way to help users to customize style in a stylesheet file, if you activated the tooltips pro plugin please check your page source you will find the tooltips.css is loaded on the page:
    < link rel="stylesheet"
    type="text/css" media="screen" />

    also if you open the tooltips.css, you will find some commented codes just as a reference, you can easy to control all of your stylesheet, just try to add a tooltips in plugin menu, and then you can try to add a code in tooltips.css, for example like this one:

    classtoolTips0 {color: red !important;}

    on the front end you will find the keyword of the tooltips has been changed the color red, by this way you can customize your all elements of tooltips keyword, tooltips content, tooltips box..., and so on, thanks.

Can I click links in tooltip content box?

  • Yes, we have a option in “Tooltips Style” sub menu, in ”
    Tooltip Box Customize Setting” panel, in “Tooltip Hidden When” field, you can select “Stay Open A While” option, in this case when you move mouse to tooltip keyword, you can click links in tooltip content box, just like this:

The tooltips link is text the cursor is a text cursor. How can I change this to a hand cursor

  • Yes you can change it, we support customize your advance style of tooltips, please open tooltips.css which in our tooltip pro plugin folder, add the code lines like this:

    It will works like what you wanting, have a good day. 🙂

How can I change the Tooltips font-family?

  • Yes you can change it, please add font-family for the class qtip-content and the class tooltipsall in tooltip.css. 🙂

Hi, I like to ad a tooltip to certain images on my wordpress site, but don't understand how it works

  • It is very easy to add tooltips for your images, for example, if you have a image in your post or page, in your wordpress backend editor you can edit your image, (if you do not know how to edit your image, please check wordpress official guide at http://codex.wordpress.org/Edit_Media), and then please add your tooltip content in "Alternate Text" text box of your media editor, save your
    changes first and then please open our tooltips pro Global Settings panel at
    in "Tooltips For Image Keyword Matching Mode" option box, choose "Use ALT attribute in img tag as conent of tooltips for image", and click update now button, fresh your front page, you will find your ALT tags shown as your tooltips content, thanks, have a nice day. 🙂

Can you provide me with all the settings required to make the customized style the same as the "light" style? I want to use the "light" style as a base, and then modify some aspects of it.

Okay, this is a wordpress tooltip customized style settings the same as "light" style, please check screenshot below:


Is there a way to change the color of the underline for a tooltip? I use two kinds of backgrounds for my color palette, a gray/blue and a darker gray. And I also use Tooltips on a white background with black text, so there is no issue there. But I’d like to at least have a white or light gray underline option when using darker backgrounds.

I understand, yes, you can do it like this:

In our plugin folder: tooltips-pro, there are style file: tooltips.css, please open tooltips.css and add code at the bottom like this:
If you hope black Underlines:
border-bottom: 2px dotted #000000 !important;

If you hope white Underlines:
border-bottom: 2px dotted #ffffff !important;

It will works, also I will change our code to support setting it in new version of tooltip plugin, thanks, have a great day with your family.

How to add wordpress tooltips to the siebar?

Please logged in your admin back end, enter control panel, click "widget" in "appearance" area, you can find "Tooltips" in the "available widget", drag "Tooltips" into sidebar, input the title, you will see all your tooltips appeared in the sidebar.

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